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Sanjura: finding the calc
Filosofia: ok
Filosofia: imm wrong
Filosofia: 800 X 6 is 3600
Sanjura: :|
Filosofia: 6600 and 2300
Filosofia: 8900
Filosofia: atk ok
Filosofia: only that
Filosofia: 8900
Sanjura: :|
Filosofia: what
Sanjura: 23+24+24+0010 is 81
Sanjura: 23+24+21+10* is 81
Sanjura: am i missing something
Filosofia: are you sure 24 23 10 
Filosofia: his atk 
Filosofia: 800 X 6 how is it
Filosofia: is 4800 
Filosofia: not 2400
Filosofia has called an admin
Sanjura: i have no idea why you are calling an admin
Filosofia: to be sure
Sanjura: you are calling an admin because you can’t do math
Filosofia: i cant calculate is atk is to powerfull
Sanjura: what is this
Filosofia: ok lets do it
ElectroBlade: What’s up?
Filosofia: how much atk hgas tool
Sanjura: he calledyou in here because he can’t do math
Filosofia: we want to be sure
Sanjura: :|
Filosofia: no and you wont take the wright damage
Filosofia: thats the idea
ElectroBlade: 2300 + 2400 + 2400 + 1000 = 8100
Filosofia: 800 X 6
Filosofia: is 4800
Sanjura: i seriously do not believe this is happening
Filosofia: yes is ok
Sanjura: mr electroblade i am sorry
Filosofia: continue dude
Filosofia: take damage then
Sanjura admitted defeat

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Kris Perovic on the state of YGO (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, make sure to read that first! 

Part 1 can be found here:

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This just happened. On turn 1. 

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Count It Down Clown

Clown Countdown

Final Clown Down

Final Count Clown

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I love it when the clown breaks it down

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Credit to Forlin

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Credit to Aurian from

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Credit to flying elephant

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Credit to Neonian

  1. Yugi2417: hello can u help me with a problem i have yes or no i have went to 3 other admins they havent reponded
  2. Yugi2417: this guy has been harrasing me
  3. Yugi2417:
  4. Yugi2417: dude im just going to tell my mom to file a report on this site for letting people get away with throughing out death threats to any player on this site
  5. Neonian: it has already been dealt with
  6. Yugi2417: then why dont i get any respones
  7. Neonian: because admins don't necessarily need to respond
  8. Yugi2417: i want to a least know if the problem was resolved this dude was sending death threats to me man
  9. Yugi2417: u act like thats no big deak
  10. Yugi2417: deal
  11. Neonian: if you report it, it will be resolved
  12. Yugi2417: then do ur job as a admin and handle the situation instead of taking ur sweet time doing nothing wat if some one told they were going to murder u becuase they were mad with the admins u would ban them
  13. Yugi2417: in a second
  14. Yugi2417: so why take forever to do something for just another person
  15. Neonian: there are 8600 people online
  16. Neonian: you have to wait your turn
  17. Yugi2417: dude then u shouldnt be a admin if u cant help with real situations who cares if someone is waiting on a rule thats not so important
  18. Neonian: Your problem was resolved. Don't complain and be grateful that it was.
  19. Yugi2417: i should be greatful for wat u didnt respond for like 20 mins yeah im super greatful that u became a admin to just say ur a admin u take ur sweet time to help people with there problems
  20. Neonian: Unless he was actually murdering you, I think you can wait your turn
  21. Neonian: now please stop wasting my time
  22. Yugi2417: wasting ur timing ur not doing anything
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Credit to Zach Burnz